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Cold, Cough and Flu remedies might soon disappear from the shelves.

Positivinum, August 15, 2015

In a surprise announcement on July 31, Minister of Health Rona Ambrose stated that, as of July 2016, Health Canada (HC) not only will require stiffer “not-a-vaccine” labeling on nosodes, but will “no longer approve specific health claims on homeopathic products for cough, cold, and flu for children 12 and under, unless those claims are supported by scientific evidence.”  See the announcement here.

This doesn’t sound like banning homeopathic cold, cough and flu medicines, but it is in effect. It’s a bit of regulatory trickery. Basically it forbids homeopathic manufacturers to say on the packaging of cold, cough and flu medicines what they are for. (The claimed pretext: “to ensure that Canadian parents… have the information they need to make informed health choices.” Uh… right.) If parents don’t know what products to buy, they won’t buy them. And if it ceases to be economically feasible to sell them, the manufacturers will quit making them.

It is also a complete reversal of longstanding HC policy, made utterly without consultation with those affected: manufacturers, retailers and, most of all, consumers, especially parents of kids under 12. Based on a record of safety far better and longer than any allopathic meds, and enough evidence of effectiveness to satisfy all the politicians involved up until two and half weeks ago, these products have had Health Canada approval for their indications since 1998. There have been no consumer complaints or cases of harm reported in media.

It’s worst for parents of young children. In 2009, HC banned the use of most allopathic cold and cough products for kids under six due to limited effectiveness and genuine bad side effects. (See here.) If there are no cold products for young children on the shelves at all, what will parents do?

The Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association (CHPA), which represents the manufacturers, sent a letter to Minister Ambrose that spells out very well why this move is totally wrong. Read it here.

Our take is that it’s a huge blow against health freedom – which Canadians strongly believe in – and a threat to the health of Canadian kids. It also makes us wonder what they’re going to do against homeopathy next.  We can’t take it lying down. We have to let the government and media know where we stand as we never have before.

So what can you do?

Here at 3CH we are formulating an action plan. But we need your help. Right now, dollars are most crucial; a little later we might put out a call for volunteers. We will certainly ask you to spread information on social media, sign at least one petition, and direct correspondence to key people. Stay tuned for special editions of Positivinum and action messages. We just haven’t worked out all the details.  But you can start helping right now.

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For the sake of Canada’s kids, let’s do it. Together we can have this decision reversed!


– The Board of Directors
Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy


World Homeopathy Day Petition. Please sign here and share.


Click here to read Karen Wehrstein’s complaint letter to the CBC’s Ombudsman


Click here for 3CH’s response to CBC Marketplace


Homeopathy is:

  • Canada’s best-kept health care secret…  but maybe not for long.
  • a system of medicine with a distinct, rational approach to diagnosing and treating illness, and an excellent two-century clinical record against acute, chronic and epidemic diseases
  • effective according to hundreds of high-quality basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies, including randomized controlled trials
  • one of the safest forms of medicine, using carefully-selected, non-toxic, individualized doses
  • the fastest growing form of health care in the world, used by hundreds of millions, and part of the public health care systems of nations in Europe, South America, Central America and Asia, due to citizen demand
  • the fastest-growing form of health care in Canada, and in the process of becoming a regulated health profession in Ontario, due to citizen demand
  • holistic, taking into account all levels of a person: physical, emotional, mental
  • extremely cost-effective – more than any other form of medicine, conventional or alternative, according to a study commissioned by the government of Switzerland

Homeopathy is not:

  • a generic term for all forms of alternative, natural or holistic medicine
  • witchcraft, magic, hoo-doo or faith-healing: it uses straightforward logical techniques that anyone can learn
  • anti-science, unscientific or not scientifically-founded
  • dangerous
  • impossible to combine with conventional medicine
  • the placebo effect

Who are we?

The Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy is Canada’s grassroots, consumer-oriented organization dedicated to ensuring patient access to homeopathy from coast to coast. We promote awareness, educate the public, advocate with government and insurers, provide accurate information to media, help professionals network and promote research. We are 100% member-funded and receive no government support.  We advocate for Canadians’ freedom of choice in health care and for safe and cost-effective health care.

If you or your family has benefited from homeopathy, we invite you to join with us to help bring those benefits to others.

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