ACTION: Save our Homeopathics!

hc-self-reg-graphicHealth Canada (HC)  apparently changed its mind about the policy decision of July 2015, that would have taken homeopathic cold, cough and flu medicines for children up to 12 off the shelves.  July 2016 has come and gone, and the medicines are still there.

But now there’s a new and much bigger threat: an HC proposal that would basically do the same to ALL homeopathic medicines formulated for specific illnesses.  And many other natural health products as well.  It’s proposing throwing natural health products in with all other products used for self-care–i.e. OTC drugs and cosmetics–which is to say, trashing 19 years of natural health product regulation that has made Canadians proud of how enlightened and progressive it is.

That’s the bad news: the good news is that homeopathy, for once, is not alone in this fight. The broad coalition that got us that good natural health product regulation in the first place is being reactivated.  At the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) trade show in September 2016, 5,000 signatures were gathered on a petition–just in one weekend.  CHFA has launched a “Save our supplements” campaign and you can use their tools… more below.

“Not supported by science”

Products making health claims would require “scientific evidence” as defined by Health Canada. The relevant consultation document contains this very ominous sentence:

“Some products, like traditional Chinese medicines, are based on thousands of years of use. Homeopathic products (also a type of natural health product) are grounded in homeopathy, a system that is not supported by science.” 

Seems rather unlikely that HC would accept any scientific evidence for homeopathy when they have this misconception, doesn’t it?


What is being done and what you can do

This is a three-pronged action:

1) A letter has been sent directly to the relevant bureaucrats, signed by 11 homeopathic associations including 3CH, demanding that this sentence be removed and pointing out that there is scientific evidence for homeopathy.  It was written by Paul Labrèche, president of the Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec and I helped by extensively editing the English version.  If you would like to send your own letter objecting to the false statement that homeopathy is “not supported by science”, please address it to:

Attn : Mr. Bruce Randall, Office of the Director General, NNHPD

250 Lanark Avenue, A.L. 2002B
Ottawa ON
K1A 0K9


And please CC:



info@homeocentre.ca (that’s us — so we know how many are responding to our call.)


2) Accept HC’s invitation to give them your opinion–by OCT. 24.  If you read down the consultation document, you’ll notice a questionnaire at the bottom, along with instructions.  I suggest answering all the questions, but please pay particular attention to these:

  1. Do you feel confident that the proposed safety oversight approach will allow you to continue accessing good quality, safe and effective products?
  2. If no, what are your concerns?

This is our chance to tell them that homeopathy’s safety and effectiveness is proven by 200 years of use and increasing popularity worldwide, that consumers have not complained about homeopathic products, and that products for specific conditions will stop being available if this change goes through–just the same as the cold, cough and flu products.  Tell them how much you value these products.  Note there is a deadline on this one: October 26.  Click here for the consultation document and questionnaire.


3) Use CHFA’s tool to write your MP.  It takes you through all the steps, and there is also lots more information on the page about how this move will change your access to all natural health products, if it goes through. Click here.

As ever, for all these strategies, use the three P’s — Polite, Passionate and Personal (i.e. how you and your family, as current and future voters, will be affected.)

Again, if you voted Liberal, now is a good time to mention that you did.  You might add something about what you feel the Liberal Party stands for, and whether this fits in with that.


Just one more thing: PLEASE SHARE THIS ACTION to anyone and everyone you feel might share our concern… friends, family, fellow parents, co-workers, business associates, clients, people in your parents’ group, members of your church or social club, bloggers, etc. etc.  Plus Facebook, Twitter and other social media, of course.  Make it go viral!

Note: this is just the start of our campaign.  There will be more.

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…all donations to 3CH are currently being allocated to this effort.


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– The Board of Directors
Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy



World Homeopathy Day Petition. Please sign here and share.

Click here to read Karen Wehrstein’s complaint letter to the CBC’s Ombudsman

Click here for 3CH’s response to CBC Marketplace


Homeopathy is:

  • Canada’s best-kept health care secret…  but maybe not for long.
  • a system of medicine with a distinct, rational approach to diagnosing and treating illn3CH - Homeopathyess, and an excellent two-century clinical record against acute, chronic and epidemic diseases
  • effective according to hundreds of high-quality basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies, including randomized controlled trials
  • one of the safest forms of medicine, using carefully-selected, non-toxic, individualized doses
  • the fastest growing form of health care in the world, used by hundreds of millions, and part of the public health care systems of nations in Europe, South America, Central America and Asia, due to citizen demand
  • the fastest-growing form of health care in Canada, and in the process of becoming a regulated health profession in Ontario, due to citizen demand
  • holistic, taking into account all levels of a person: physical, emotional, mental
  • extremely cost-effective – more than any other form of medicine, conventional or alternative, according to a study commissioned by the government of Switzerland

Homeopathy is not:

  • a generic term for all forms of alternative, natural or holistic medicine
  • witchcraft, magic, hoo-doo or faith-healing: it uses straightforward logical techniques that anyone can learn
  • anti-science, unscientific or not scientifically-founded
  • dangerous
  • impossible to combine with conventional medicine
  • the placebo effect

Who are we?

3CH - My Health My Choice

The Canadian Consumers Centre for Homeopathy is Canada’s grassroots, consumer-oriented organization dedicated to ensuring patient access to homeopathy from coast to coast. We promote awareness, educate the public, advocate with government and insurers, provide accurate information to media, help professionals network and promote research. We are 100% member-funded and receive no government support.  We advocate for Canadians’ freedom of choice in health care and for safe and cost-effective health care.

If you or your family has benefited from homeopathy, we invite you to join with us to help bring those benefits to others.

3CH hits mainstream media again

Montreal Gazette, Sept. 17, 2013: Homeopathy is no fad, opinion by 3CH Executive Director Karen Wehrstein

Gazette 09 17 13 cap


Realtor Quest 2014

Toronto, May 7-8 – Claude Lainesse (3CH) & Sushila Lalsingh (Nupath)

Claude and Sushila

Homeopathy for a Healthy Family!

Winnipeg, July 13 – Donna Powers/Vita Health/Boiron

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attendees (with girl)


Toronto, July 18 – Maria Ringo/Big Carrot/Boiron

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