1. Short Introduction to Homeopathy

Want to do a quick presentation on homeopathic basics and resources?  We can help you.  Homeopath Claude Lainesse of Newmarket, Ontario did on on May 15, 2013.  Not only did every attendee take a business card or a handout, but Claude herself loved the experience:

“The evening went extremely well. I was actually on a high for the following 24 hours… What 3CH suggested as the main focus of the talk was dead on and it gave me a sense of assurance that I don’t usually have. It really helped me bring homeopathy to a level that everyone could understand and relate to.  There is a HUGE interest in homeopathy and I was able to dispel some myths and clarify what it does and how it works and also explain the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy or phytotherapy.”

Our tips for creating a great presentation:

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One-page handout on homeopathic basics and resources for short workshops, in PDF form.  Download, print, and hand out!  Note: the blank space after “Contact” is for you to put in your contact information either by stamp or labels:

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