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Joint directory put together by professional associations of homeopaths in Canada.

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Meanwhile, to find more homeopaths in your locale, you can use the member directories of Canada’s professional associations:


Canadian Society of Homeopaths
Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada
National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH)


College of Homeopaths of Ontario
British Columbia Society of Homeopaths
West Coast Homeopathic Society
Ontario Homeopathic Association
Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec
Maritime Society of Homeopaths
Manitoba Homeopathic Association




Canadian Events

5th Canadian Homeopathy Research Forum


Organizations like 3CH in other countries

National Center for Homeopathy (USA)
Homeopathy Action Trust (UK)
British Homeopathic Association (UK)
Polish Homeopathy Association (Poland)

By the way… we’re really the new kids on the block.  The National Center for Homeopathy has been around for over 70 years, and the British Homeopathic Association an amazing 110 (as of 2012).


Debunking the debunkers: – a website that sets the record straight about homeopathy, especially the myth that there is no scientific evidence supporting it.  It is written for the average reader and in an engaging style, so it’s a perfect site for you to link to in the comments on a news story about homeopathy when the usual naysayers say “Where’s the science?”


Homeopathic News:

Homeopathy Heals Me


Scientific evidence

A single comprehensive database with all studies on homeopathy, CORE-Hom, has been undertaken by the Homeopathy Research Institute. Registration to full access is free.

You may also enjoy this Q&A on Research with an expert panel, created by the Indian homeopathic research site Aude Sapere.  There are also samples of some of the best homeopathic research, and links to many sites devoted to homeopathic research, on here.

And if you still haven’t found what you were looking for, here is another excellent site with links to scientific studies here


Interested in a career in homeopathy?  Contact one of the Canadian schools:

British Institute of Homeopathy
Canadian Academy of Homeopathy
Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
Centre Homéopathique du Québec
Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy
Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine
The School of Homeopathy (Canada)
Vancouver Homeopathic Academy
Western College of Homeopathic Medicine

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