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3CH co-founder and director Maria Ringo with Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier



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    • RIVERDALE HOMEOPATHIC RESOURCES 10% DISCOUNT on workshops.  See for what’s happening.
    • DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: Free six-month subscription to the bi-monthly magazine for dogs without boundaries. This is THE most complete source of natural health care for dogs AND a large community of caring vets, breeders, trainers and dog owners who want to bring out the best in our dogs, all rolled into one. Check out
    •    …plus this cool bumpersticker!

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Professional level membership ($75 per year) gets you the above plus a copy of our beautiful “Homeopathy: My Health, My Choice” poster, other 3CH materials for your clinic or store–but most importantly, the right to present or host Homeopathy for a Healthy Family workshops, allowing you to educate your clients or customers about homeopathy, and letting them know you are a source for homeopathic supplies and/or consultation.


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